Weight Loss Strategies for Diabetics

When you are diabetic, being obese or even overweight substantially increases your health risks.  However, many traditional diets are out of the scope of something many diabetics can handle due to blood sugar concerns.  So, today we explore some of the ways to lose weight as a diabetic in a safe and healthy way. Educate Yourself on Nutrition – If you are diabetic and have not done at least some research on nutrition already, this can make it much harder to keep your blood sugar levels b

Benefits of Spinal Decompression

  In our youth, our vertebrae have fluid between them within disks that work as a cushion between each vertebra to protect them. However, as we age, the amount of fluid the disks retain begins to diminish, reducing the amount of protection our back has. This is why people typically lose some of their height as they age. It also increases the risk of back injuries. Since our spine is the support system for our body, naturally it is vital we keep it in the best shape we can. This is wh

Premier Physical Medicine

Premier Physical Medicine is a healthcare facility that is tailored to your individual needs. A place where you have access to the best in traditional physical medicine, therapies, rehabilitation, and alternative treatments all under one roof for the convenience of the patient, providing the best possible clinical outcome. This is the beauty of Integrated Physical Medicine! This model progresses the patient through pain relief, correction, and strengthening to reach the ultimate goal

Premier Chiropractic

At Premier Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on being more than your ordinary chiropractic office so that we may offer our patients the best chiropractic and wellness care possible. We’ve brought some of the best providers and rehab techs in the area together to better serve the city of Pearland and the surrounding communities and offer genuine solutions in patient care! By offering a wide range of treatment options and taking the whole body approach to patient care, we provide ou

Inability to Focus

Overview Cognitive impairment is frequently referred to as “Brain Fog” or “Fibro Fog” for patients with Fibromyalgia overlap. Whatever the term, experiencing cognitive impairments can be confusing and difficult to diagnose. The inability to focus or pay attention during daily activities can greatly limit your ability to interact with others, inhibit professional advancement and your ability to enjoy life. While there are several other conditions with associated risk for cognitive impa

Spinal Decompression

Is Spinal Decompression Right for You? Are you considering Spinal Surgery or more Invasive Treatments for Your Back? Spinal Decompression can be an effective treatment option for people suffering from conditions such as one or more of the following: Bulging Discs Compressed Discs Herniated Discs Degenerative Disc Disease Posterior Facet Syndrome Injured or Diseased Spinal Nerve Roots Sciatica Can Spinal Decompression Reduce Pain? Pain from spinal injury, damage or de


WHIPLASH OVERVIEW Whiplash is sometimes referred to as neck strain or sprain. It occurs after soft tissue in the neck and shoulder area are suddenly and forcefully moved back and forth rapidly. This type of injury most commonly occurs during an automobile accident. Whiplash may also occur during other injuries involving the upper body or other types of athletic or physical activity. WHIPLASH SYMPTOMS Whiplash symptoms do not always present at the time of injury. Many times whiplash effects

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Programs Designed Especially for You Did you know that more than 2 out of every 3 adults in the United States struggle with obesity? It is important to note that obesity describes any abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may inhibit your health. Obesity can be a prime contributor to serious medical conditions including: Diabetes Heart Disease Cancer Hypertension Osteoarthritis Stroke At Premier Medical Group we offer a number of different programs and servic

Weight Gain

At Premier Medical we want you to know that having excess pounds on you do more than just increase your overall weight—they increase your risks of having major health problems. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to have heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes and depression. On the upside, losing weight can reduce your risk of developing some of these complications. Call Premier Medical today to book your free consultation and see what we can do to help you become healthy and


OVERVIEW According to the American Thyroid association over 12% or 20 million people suffer from a thyroid condition; many of them unaware that their symptoms are part of a treatable thyroid condition or disease. Because the body is a complex matrix of organs and tissue it makes sense that thyroid conditions are frequently associated with other disorders, conditions, hormonal imbalances CAUSES OF THYROID While the exact cause of thyroid conditions is often unknown there are many underlying c