Back Pain Testimonials

Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas

Back pain.

Lower Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas

Donna Woods – Lower back pain.

Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas

Back pain.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas
Andre Sulnday – Chronic lower back pain, from Military Service.

Upper and Mid Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas
Jessica Douglas – Upper and mid back pain related to job related injury.

Lower Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas

Terrell Hubenak – Severe lower back pain with restricted ability to walk.

Lower Back Pain Relief – Pearland, Texas
Jeff Sandridge – Low back pain disrupting work and personal life.


I had long term back problems for years due to extreme working conditions which have caused me pain everyday. I started coming to Premier in January of 2014 and it has been a big improvement from the time I started to how good I feel now. The staff helps you through your pain and your efforts. They are kind, caring, helpful, understanding, and there for you to lift you up. – Steven R.

I had neck and shoulder pain for many years and decided to seek chiropractic care. There was great improvement with my neck and shoulder pain after three to four visits. I am now pain-free with more strength and energy. I would recommend this natural care before getting involved with a more invasive care. – Edna P.

I came in for treatment because I literally couldn’t walk, my spine got stuck and it was so painful – I thought I wouldn’t be able to be very active as I was. Now, my back pain no longer exists! I can stand for some hours with no pain and I’m back to exercising and cycling! Also, the staff is excellent! Caring, considerate, very knowledgeable, and supportive. I feel free to ask any questions when I don’t know something or am not sure about what to do. I’m grateful to the Lord for the Premier team. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! – Laura J.

I was unable to work correctly, and was extremely tired with a stiff neck and upper back. Since starting my treatment, I have felt a great change in balance and learning how to work with my shoulders relaxed. I’m starting to get back my confidence, and I can start walking without pain. All personnel are excellent, helpful, and very friendly in a very nice atmosphere. I feel the new program is great and is helping me a great deal! – Josie N.

When I first came to Premier Chiropractic I was in a neck brace and sling. Since beginning treatment I have had major improvements and am able to move. I would recommend Premier to anyone and let them know it will make a huge difference.  Also the Doctors and Staff at Premier are great. – Jennifer C.

Before coming to see a chiropractor, I was suffering from a great deal of body aches and pains.  For example, I could not sleep or move properly due to a pain in my back.  Also, every time I sneezed or coughed, I felt the back pain.  Though it hurt to do so, I dealt with it as best as I could.  At work, I was unable to lift heavy objects and it was difficult to be seated for long periods of time.  All I could do for the pain was take pain medication.  Since beginning chiropractic care, I have noticed a huge difference in my work productivity.   Also, I am able to run and workout, and sitting for long periods of time is no longer an issue.  Since beginning care, I also no longer have any back pain.  If I could give anyone any advice, I would recommend that everyone see a chiropractor.  The therapy and treatment works great and it can make a huge difference in your life. – Cesar A.

I discovered Premier Chiropractic when I went to our craft show at my church (Sagemont).  Talking  to them and deciding to come was the best thing I could have done.  I have had back hip and leg pain ever since I hurt my back in 1998.   Coming to the appointments have relieved the pain radiating down my legs and hips.  I can walk better and sleep with very little pain now.  I will continue to come to Premier Chiropractic as long as I can.    I would and have recommended several family members and friends to come see Premier Chiropractic so they can alleviate their problems.  I thank the lord every day that I stopped at Premier Chiropractics booth and talked to them. – Beverly C.

I went to a health meeting at work; a chiropractor from Premier Chiropractic was the speaker.  After listening to him talk about health care I was curious about my back.  I have been doing some form of construction work for the last 40 years.  I found out that I had been abusing my back for 40 plus years.   I went for my first office visit and the office welcomed me like I was one of their family members.  They handed me some useful information which is why I chose to continue my treatment.  I wasn’t in any major accident that specifically hurt my back or suffered any other specific trauma.  I learned from the information I received the nervous system is what controls the entire body.    Since coming in for treatment my sleep has increased from 4 hours to 8 hours a night and I am not snoring as much as I used too.  The adjustments to my spine have reduced pain I used to have all the time in my knees.  The rehabilitation program and dietary changes have helped me lose weight.  I am doing this as preventative maintenance after years of abuse I put my body through. – Wayne T.

Due to a car accident, I experienced stiffness, aches and pains in my lower back and neck.  I heard about Premier Chiropractic from a friend.  I learned that the source of my pain was from soft tissue injury.  With Premier Chiropractic’s help, I went through scheduled treatments and exercise.  This has helped me feel better and in just a couple of weeks, I no longer had any stiffness, aches or pains.  Overall, my health and life have been changed significantly by chiropractic care; mostly since I am no longer in pain.  I would suggest chiropractic to any who has experienced any kind of injury. – Tim F.

I came to hear about Premier Chiropractic by a friend and decided to come in for an evaluation.  For the last four months I was experiencing excruciating back pain.   My pain was so bad I couldn’t walk or pick up a 20 pound dog.  It was also having trouble getting in and out of my truck and I dreaded to walk up and down stairs in my three story house so I was confined to the first floor.  After two months coming to Premier Chiropractic my pain subsided to manageable levels so I could  function throughout the day and more recently it has reduced to almost nothing.  The Doctors and Premier’s rehabilitation technicians have given me the best experience I have ever had in pain management. – Tony Z.

My back went out about 1 ½ years ago and I was crooked and in a lot of pain.  My sister-in -law, Rosemary recommended I go to Premier Chiropractic for treatment.  I did go for five days a week for two weeks.  My back got much better and now I go for an adjustment every 2-3 months.  It has worked great for me and I recommend everyone have their spine evaluated. – Steve D.

I was injured in an automobile accident and a friend recommended I come to Premier Chiropractic.  I feel like my lower back pain has improved 90%.  I’d like to continue care for the rest of my life.  Everybody should get checked.
– Sen G.

When I first went to Premier Chiropractic I almost crawled in.  I was in so much pain.  I couldn’t believe the relief after just one visit.  I continued going for a few weeks and regained mobility in my back.  The pain is completely gone. Now, I go for regular adjustments to avoid stiffness and pain in my back.  I was skeptical at first but the staff and doctors at Premier Chiropractic made a believer out of me.  Thank you Premier! – Sam D.

I arrived back in 2/2004 after finding Premier Chiropractic in the phone book.  I was new in town.  I came in with back pain and couldn’t move.  I had to hold myself against the wall.  The doctor said I had subluxations and started my adjustments three times a week.  Now, I am coming twice a month to maintain my health.    I have suggested family members and friends to seek chiropractic care at Premier Chiropractic. – Sally H.

First of all, you must know, I am a very skeptical, picky person who researches everything before I try something.  I am not an advocate for medication unless it is absolutely necessary.  So long as the pain is bearable I can deal with it.  As I have gotten older I notice I have started to feel different aches on a more regular basis without cause or so I thought.  After speaking with a colleague, who happens to also be certified in massage therapy, the suggestion that I try a chiropractor seemed a bit absurd.  After all, how is my spine going to help my shoulder?  As she explained how it would be beneficial to me, still in doubt, I began to get excited.  “What, no more pain and I don’t have to take any medicine to do it?”  I immediately investigated and made an appointment with Dr. Duchon, who is also her chiropractor.  He was amazing!  His first consultation leaves you feeling like you have just had a pre-chiropractic class.  The second visit was Chiropractic 101, with a quiz!  I learned so much about what could be causing the pain, how pain we actually are feeling and how the least amount of pressure can damage your spine, which is the circuit breaker of your body.  So, I kid you not, still skeptical, after the very first treatment, I felt a burst of energy.  Where I was usually going home very fatigued, barely staying up to help the kids with homework.  I went home to not only help the kids, but cook two full meals and slept like a baby.  My husband even commented he did not hear the dreadful “sleep sound anymore.”  A couple more treatments, I could feel an immediate change in my posture and more energy.  I realize every person will respond different and results will vary, but this experience has been uplifting.  I am looking forward to completing my treatment plan.  I can only imagine how the quality of my health and daily life will be improved.  I have already referred my husband, my best friend and my brother ( who is currently taking shots for the pain in his back. – Rolanda H.

When I first came to Premier Chiropractic I was in incredible pain with a disc pressing against a nerve. After treatment, I am now able to do all the things I did before. I have been coming for about 6 years and continue to come on a maintenance plan so that I may continue to do the things I like to. – Robin H.

I have been a patient at Premier Chiropractic Center for several years.  I first heard about Dr. Parsons from my sister, who has been receiving chiropractic care when he opened his first center in Pearland.  She described Dr. Parsons as a very gentle chiropractor with a charismatic personality who enjoys helping people with his state-of-the art equipment.  I am currently under the care of Dr. Duchon who seems to be cut from the same cloth as Dr. Parsons. I decided to come to Premier because I was having neck and shoulder pain and headaches. I learned my problem was caused when I tilted my head to the side to keep my headset from falling off so I could type on the computer or take a message.  I also learned it was due to stress and sitting at the desk for long period of time.   Chiropractic care has changed my life and health. When I am at work I would adjust my headset so it stays on better and would try to remember to not cock my head to the side when I was on the phone.  I would get up from the desk more frequently to stretch and walk around for a few minutes.  I also drink more water which helps my body to mend and function properly. If I start to feel tension in my neck, I do my stretches and apply an ice pack to my neck and if one is not available, I use my cold water bottle or my hands when they are cold.  I try to focus on dropping my shoulders to help me relax. I see myself staying with chiropractic care for the rest of my life.  When I first started going for treatments, insurance companies would not cover my expenses, but I continued to go because I needed to function with less pain. I am so glad insurance companies are starting to see the benefits of providing coverage for chiropractic care. I have recommended several friends and family members to Premier Chiropractic.  When my daughters were in a car accident, they were treated for whiplash.  That is when Dr. Parsons pointed out that my youngest daughter had a gap in her spine where she was missing rib, which has been causing her discomfort.  I also suggested that my best friend go see Dr. Duchon because she had terrible pain in her jaw and neck.  She works at a veterinary chiropractic and rehabilitation center so she has seen the benefits that animals received from acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, especially when they had to be carried into the clinic by their owners and then after treatment were able to walk out on their own.  I recommend Dr. Duchon to all my friends and family because I not only want them to have a fast recovery but also learn what caused the pain and what they can do to prevent it from returning.
– Rebecca A.

I started going to see Premier Chiropractic after stopping at the booth at a craft show to get some Biofreeze (works great for pain) and did the evaluation they were doing there.  It showed my back was crooked.  I went in for a more complete evaluation and found out I have degeneration in my neck and now lower back.  Going to the Chiropractor has relieved the back pain and headaches I have had on a frequent basis for years and is strengthening my neck and back.  Thank you Premier! – Peggy F.

I had a severely pinched nerve due to deterioration of my L-4 disc. When I came into the clinic, I could barely move, even with the aid of my crutches. Any movement was accompanied by excruciating pain.  After a session of adjustments and tens, I awkwardly walked out of the clinic without the crutches. Within two weeks of daily therapy, I was able to experience full range of movement, pain free.  The ability to return to a normal condition so quickly, without surgical intervention, was a minor miracle. Chiropractic care will be a main therapy for me for the rest of my life.  – Paul M.

I was injured  in a car accident in September of 2011, I was struck by a truck driver.  I was injured and was suffering from pain in the neck and lower back.  I called Premier Chiropractic and they took me that same day, they made me feel comfortable and welcomed.   The staff was so nice and very concerned with my needs. Dr. Parsons and Dr. Duchon are the “BEST”.  My treatment has been great and I feel so much better.  I highly recommend Premier Chiropractic if you get into a car accident. – Nikita K.

I came to Premier Chiropractic by referral from my coworker. I came in to the office because of severe lower back pain that would cause me to lose feeling in my right leg. The Premier Doctors have helped to relieve that pain. Thanks to the treatments, stretches, and therapy I no longer have that pain. I would tell anyone looking for a good Chiropractor to come to Premier Chiropractic for a friendly environment and the staff is very knowledgeable and outgoing! – Nick S.

I came to Premier Chiropractic for treatment of my upper body and mostly my lower back, from a car accident. While being here I learned that I had a problem from the past along with the new problems caused by the car accident. Not knowing how to self treat, the Doctors at Premier taught me that by sitting tall, drinking more water, and exercising more that this would help me to get more oxygen, better health, and strengthen my body. Since I began treating at Premier I have lost 15 to 20 lbs. and 4 pant sizes, and I feel excellent. I will use Chiropractic care for the rest of my life. I will suggest everyone I come into contact with to have their spines checked.  Thank you very much Premier! – Michael R.

I initially sought chiropractic care after Premier Chiropractic hosted a spinal screening at my work.  I had ever present pain in my upper back.  I learned I had poor posture from sitting at a desk for numerous years.  The treatments I have received at Premier Chiropractic over the last ten months have helped the pain decrease significantly.  I am also able to present my posture in a more positive manner.  I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone with pain, it has helped me. – Mary B.

I was initially referred for chiropractic care by a massage therapist.  I was having severe low back pain and muscle tightness.  In addition to the great care received through adjustments and therapy, they taught me how to take better care of my body and nervous system.  Now when I do have pain or muscle tightness, I have the tools to get through it more quickly in order to participate in all the activities I want to.  Premier Chiropractic has helped me so that I will under their care for the rest of my life.  I think everyone would benefit from chiropractic care.  My son has been under care every since he was a baby. – Mary Ann B.

I first heard about Premier Chiropractic while at the Texas Home and Garden Show.  While there, I spoke a doctor who explained to me at length the reasons I was having neck pain.  The doctor used a small machine to show me the parts of my neck that had several levels of tension.  He explained to me that the cause of my neck pain was because I had many nerves that were being pinched.   Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed that my whole body feels looser and less tense.  I have slightly more energy than before and overall, I have less neck and low back pain.  After experiencing these changes, I can honestly see myself receiving chiropractic care for life.  Thanks to my experiences, I can say that getting your spine check is very important; so important that I feel that my entire family should get their spine checked.  – Marie C.

I came to Premier Chiropractic for back and neck pain that was sometimes severe.  After starting treatment, my pain was nullified.  With regular treatment, I usually don’t have severe pain any more.  I would recommend anyone to take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic care. – Margaret D.

I first heard about Premier Chiropractic as I was driving by.  At the time, I was suffering from neck stiffness and pain in my shoulders.  After my exam, I learned that my problem was from a herniated disc which developed due to my poor posture.  Since beginning chiropractic care, I have had greater flexibility and less discomfort overall.  I feel that I will receive chiropractic care for life.  After my experiences, I fell that everyone should get chiropractic adjustments; specifically, office workers, laborers, mothers and the elderly.  I have been under wellness care with Premier since 2006. – Margaret B.

I was referred to Premier by my primary care physician Dr. Hoang. Neck and lower back pain is what brought me to this office. I learned the cause of my back problem was from a previous injury, and my neck pain was due to poor posture. The changes I have seen from Chiropractic care is being more active, overall health improvements, and no more back or neck pain. I have been under Chiropractic care for 3 years now and plan to continue on a maintenance plan to keep healthy. – Keith B.

My opinion on Premier Chiropractic is good.  I had problems with my back due to cheerleading and ever since starting care at Premier Chiropractic it has been a lot better and more flexible.  I would advise my loved ones to proceed with getting adjusted because it will change your health tremendously. – Kayla S.

I met the Premier Chiropractic team at the Texas Yoga Conference where I was attending as an exhibitor.   I spoke with him a lot about chronic pain that I had in my neck and shoulder.  We scheduled an appointment for a consultation.  Prior to my appointment, I hurt my hip so this was a new area of concern.  I learned that the cause of my problems was due to compression in the spine that caused subluxations.  Since starting treatment, my pain has diminished tremendously.  I am able to move more freely without hurting constantly.  I plan on being a chiropractic patient for life, hopefully for maintenance and not chronic pain. I would tell anyone that I can to give chiropractic treatment a try in order to make their lives easier.  My sister suffers from multiple sclerosis and pain related issue.  I would very much like to see if chiropractic care could help her. – Kathryn F.

I heard about chiropractic help many years ago.  In the 1980s I started to see my chiropractor regularly and it helped me live my life normally.   I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on 4/26/2006 and bladder cancer in 2010.  I have a few lifting restrictions due to the cancer, not my spine.  I’ve been under care with Premier since 2002, picked from the phone book.  – Joseph I.

I was experiencing lower and upper back pain and more headaches.  The chiropractic care has provided me with relief to the problems.  When I had an emergency back problem, the staff at Premier Chiropractic responded and I was back on my feet faster than a friend who took pain meds.  I recommend Premier Chiropractic to friends and family to ensure a healthier lifestyle. – John B.

My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was due to an accident I had when I hurt my back, neck and spine.  The service at Premier Chiropractic has been good.  I would recommend my loved ones to seek chiropractic care because they really care and listen to the patients needs. – Floretino G.

I learned about Premier Chiropractic from family and friends after being involved in a car accident.  What drew me to Premier Chiropractic was the kindness of the employees, location and the professionalism.  After getting x-rayed and a low back MRI I learned I had two herniated discs and three damaged nerves with osteoarthritis in the low back.  Since getting therapy I have felt much better with better range of motion. Since starting treatment my back has improved from the beginning.  I can see myself continuing therapy to fix my low back and remain flexible.  Since your spine plays an important role in your body I would recommend coming to Premier Chiropractic to anybody with back problems or car accidents! – Estevan S.

After visiting my primary care physician, he stated he believed I was getting a little bit of arthritis.  I was having much pain in my neck, arms, and shoulders.At a local craft show I was invited by the Premier Chiropractic Staff to participate in a short five minute demonstration on the services they offered. The demonstration helped me to experience a remarkable difference in how I was feeling.After that demonstration I made an appointment to find out more about the services they offered.  I explained to the physician about my neck, arms, and shoulders.I could not turn my neck right or left, nor could I lift my arms which stopped me from driving.Since the wonderful treatment given to me by Premier Chiropractic, I have been able to turn my neck left and right without any pain.  Also, I have been able to lift my arms with minimum discomfort.  I am once again able to drive myself. With the excellent care given by Premier, it would be worthwhile for everyone to have their spine checked. – Edith S.

When I came to Premier Chiropractic I had constant lower and mid back pain. I had severe trauma to my back years ago. Since I began treating at Premier my back pain has been eliminated, it no longer works after typical work such as yard work. I plan on staying under Chiropractic care. I would suggest Chiropractic care to anyone who has back pain. It has helped me. – Donald B.

My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was to seek relief from lower back pain that I experience whenever I over extended myself doing normal activities, whether those activities included housework, gardening, and exercise.  I also wanted to find pain relief that didn’t include pain pills.  After a gentle and persistent nudge from my niece to give chiropractic a try, I scheduled an appointment. After a year of treatments, my back is stronger.  I’ve been taught exercise and nutrition both work together to produce strong bodies and mind.  If there is one thing that I would share with anyone contemplating chiropractic care, is obtaining relief without drugs is the biggest benefit.  I realize medicine is important and has its place; however, it is a known fact that long term use can damage other parts of your body.  As for me, I’m sold and I thank God for my niece and Premier Chiropractic. – Donna B.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person due to lifestyle, healthy eating, body type and dedication to the program. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.