Staying active in the winter

As the winter approaches, it’s normal to feel like hibernating on a couch all day. Just because the weather it doesn’t mean that you have to halt all your activities curdle on a couch, to pause all your workouts until this terrible season ends? If you are like me getting out of that cozy bed is a Himalayan task for you too! But is this mere temperature drop is going to stop you from carrying out your daily routine? Unlike other seasons our body needs to be warmer which can be achieved only through physical activities and workouts that is why it is so important to stay active in winter. Here are some ways to keep you active during winter.
Switch to indoor activities
If you don’t feel like going out on an open space, then you can go for walk-in malls or churches that offer an indoor gym. Get involved in indoor sports such as badminton or squash, some of sports clubs offer indoor basketball, football or swimming sessions that allow you to continue your favorite sport in spite of the bad weather.
Indulge in household works
Household activities that involve physical activities can be a simple start for staying active throughout the winter as it boosts your energy levels. Relying too much on the machine for your daily activities can only make you lazy so try doing mopping, cleaning the windows or doing laundry activities manually.
Be creative
Try something new, join the local dance or yoga classes as it gets interesting with each move. Install fitness apps that have pedometer to count the steps as you walk, it can be funny and you’re motivated to do it along with your friends. If you have decided to stay home then buy some stretch bands for resistance exercise as you can do it while watching TV or movie.
Dress warm
During winter the layers of your clothing are really important, this is the first and the foremost reason why winter makes you idle. Only when your clothing is proper you feel comfortable and warm to remain active. Always wear waterproof shoes and jackets before heading out for outdoor activities
Outdoor sports
If you are an outdoor type of person, then you cannot let this frosty weather dampen your spirits, right? Winter sports such as ice-skiing, ice-skating, ice hockey are games that can be played only around winter so why miss the chance? Joining your friends and neighbors can be lot more fun to play.
Try simple outdoor activities
You can carry out these simple activities just by talking your dog for a walk or do jogging on nearby schools, malls or churches. You use cycles for places wherever possible as it could be nice opportunity to explore your environment besides keeping you warm and healthy.
Look forward to winter
Don’t welcome the winter with a gloomy face, instead think all the fun you can have only during winter Christmas holidays, building a snowman, ice skiing, snow fight it would be a perfect winter. If you keep looking forward to winter with an excitement and eager surely it will help you stay active throughout the season.


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