Functional Medicine

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What is functional medicine? Simply stated, functional medicine is a healthcare philosophy that believes that well-being should be based on the individual patient. Everybody is different, and a symptom in one person may indicate a different problem than with other patients. Only by a full understanding of the individual can an effective treatment program be developed.

Take headaches for example. When people have headaches, society has successfully brainwashed them into believing that they must take a pill to cure their headache. However, the headache is probably an indication that the person has a problem of some kind. The pill, while diminishing the immediate pain, will not treat the root cause and could, in many circumstances, have side effects.

Functional medicine practitioners will listen to the patient, ask many questions and formulate a complete picture in order to design an appropriate treatment program to alleviate the current problem and avoid, or minimize, future ones.

Many patients become frustrated with the traditional doctor/patient relationship. Often blood, and other, tests do not indicate abnormalities. Then the doctor is unsure of how to proceed, as the patient does not fit any convenient textbook diagnosis. Couple this with the conveyor belt medical system, where time is of the essence and the patient is left untreated and confused.

Functional medicine takes a different approach, developing a thorough medical understanding of the patient’s condition, lifestyle, diet etc. By treating based on an understanding of these components, the doctor/patient relationship becomes paramount and customized programs can be more effectively developed. Functional medicine has proved to be very effective in many areas, including belly fat reduction, digestive problems etc. (see below for more information).

In our fast paced society, we find ourselves with less and less time to take care of those things that can prolong not only our life, but also our quality of life. It’s a great paradox that, although we need more strength and energy to live our day-to-day lives, we have less and less time to optimize our ability to keep up with this lifestyle regimen. By developing a relationship with an expert, who actually takes an interest in our well-being, we can improve our situation dramatically.

Let’s face it; we use doctors when we are past the point of tolerance of a situation. The doctor then gives us medicine that will alleviate the pain associated with our condition. Far better though to try to prevent the condition in the first place. Far better also, when we have these problems, to consult with someone who will try to both solve the immediate problem and try to avoid a recurrence in the future. As our doctors have become busier and busier, they spend less and less and time with each patient, they treat symptoms.

Functional medicine provides a viable alternative, where the patient is treated individually, taking into account a variety of different factors which, following a lengthy interview concerning the patient’s history, can not only provide immediate relief from current problems, but can also ensure a higher quality of life going forward.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person due to lifestyle, healthy eating, body type and dedication to the program. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.