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Peripheral Neuropathy Relief!

Premier Physical Medicine – Migraine Headache Relief

Migraine Headache Relief – Pearland, Texas
Michelle Anthony – Headaches, migraine headaches and tension headaches.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Pearland TX. Patient Success Story, Randy H

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Pearland TX: Patient Success Story

Neuropathy Doctors Pearland TX: Patient Success Story Premier Physical Medicine

Sciatica & Plantar Fasciitis Relief-Pearland, Texas
Sadiyah Evangelista

Sciatica & Plantar Fasciitis Relief-Pearland, Texas
Sadiyah Evangelista – Sciatica and plantar fasciitis after child-birth.


I was having intense migraine headaches that were truly affecting my daily life, including my inability to deal with family or work. Since I’ve come in and started treatment, my headaches have greatly decreased. I don’t wake up with throbbing pain that lasts all day and I am able to enjoy my hobbies again, and work and study. Everyone has been extremely friendly, helpful, and encouraging during my recovery program. It is always refreshing to see many smiling faces whenever I arrive at the clinic! – Laura P.

Dr.Parson I have to thank you and your staff. I knew I needed to get back to you because chiropractics works. I have suffered a severe headache every day for the last 4 months. As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning to the time I went to sleep my head hurts. At times I couldn’t get out of bed. However, I can’t stay in bed every day so I would go about my day, stop at times and say, “I have a headache” and then continue on with my day. I have a “bad” full o medication to take and it would help for a few hours and then the headache was back. Or I would have to stop my day take some heavier medication and go to bed. My day was over and I couldn’t do anymore. After 1 visit I woke up this morning at 6 am with no headache and full of energy. I knew chiropractics was good but I had forgotten how good it really is. Thank you and the doctor and the staff for the help you have given to me. – CC White

I first heard about Premier at a craft fair.  I went into the clinic, had my exam with one of the Drs. and went back 2 days later to get my results and talk about treatment.  I found out my cervical spine and low back basically didn’t have curvature and it was causing the pain and migraines I was experiencing.  I followed the treatment plan the Doctor gave me and in doing so, I have less pain and almost no migraines since starting treatment in October 2011. I have also gained energy, lost 15 pounds, and 2 pants sizes. I would tell any person with migraines or back pain to go to Premier. Their total team approach to get you where you are supposed to be is the best.  The Doctors showed true compassion as they take the time to answer all questions and concerns. – Sharyn L.

I first came to Premier after I was slammed in the head with a softball. I was having major headaches and at times was unable to stand. After coming to Premier and starting treatment I no longer have headaches, and they have also improved my lower back and neck pain. If anyone wanted to see a Chiropractor I would definitely recommend Premier Chiropractic to them. They are the best choice! – Ciarra S.


I found out about Premier from living in the area. I had been suffering from Sciatica. Through my exam, I found that my poor posture was contributing to my problem. Today I feel much better. I have been a patient at Premier Chiropractic for 2 years now and continue to come every two weeks for maintenance treatment. – Rhonda B.

Peripheral Neuropathy:

I was suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy for about 8 years which was causing extreme pain and tingling in both feet from my ankles to my toes and interfered with my walking for any length of time. I’ve noticed the most changes with my mobility, including walking, stretching, and my posture. I’m impressed with the care and attention shown to my affliction by all of the staff at Premier, especially the floor techs. They have a very progressive program for wellness and fitness. I have recommended Premier to all of my friends and relatives! – Robert R.


I first heard about Premier Chiropractic through my mother.  I was complaining of shortness of breath and middle back pain that was causing me to have panic attacks.  The cause of my problems was lack of curvature of my spine.   My life has been greatly changed by the chiropractic care I have received at Premier Chiropractic care.  I have had no pain since starting treatment.  My quality of life and health has been greatly improved since receiving care.   I can see myself receiving chiropractic care for a long time helping my back and hips.  I would suggest anyone that is seeking medical help to come to Premier Chiropractic first! – Travis S.

Chiropractic care started for me at age 2.  I had several health issues including asthma and constant sinus infections.  A friend told my parents about a chiropractor in our town who was really helping their child who had similar problems and about how much his overall health had improved.  I started coming to Premier Chiropractic after seeing their sign on FM 518.    Our Chiropractor also discovered I had one hip that was smaller which was making my spine crooked.  I actually wore a lift in one shoe for years.  Being asthmatic really affects your nervous system not just your breathing.  I feel Chiropractic care is essential for that alone.  I feel more energy, less pain and can participate in more activities following my Chiropractic program of care.  I recommend Chiropractic care and believe it should start at infancy. – Sandra T.

I first heard about Premier Chiropractic from my Mom.  I was in High School on the dance team and was also having frequent ear infections.  I was very impressed with the office.  The Doctors and staff really make you feel like you’re part of a team.   Premier has really made a difference in my life, so much so I have decided to become a Chiropractor and have just completed Chiropractic college.   I tell everyone I know about Premier, they are the best in the Pearland area. – Kasey C.

On my first visit, I was greeted by a Welcome Cynthia sign as I walked in.  The staff is wonderful and customer service oriented.  The facility is technologically advanced.  They have 6 stations that do individualized treatments and have a rehabilitation area and acupuncture.  Upon your second visit you are given a card to scan, you sit in a waiting area. An automated voice calls you to the appropriate station.  They give you a color-coded calendar printout of your appointments which I really like.  They even have on-site x-rays.  I have been very impressed so far.  I highly recommend them.  Please tell them Cynthia Ramos referred you. – Cynthia O.

I thank Premier Chiropractic Doctors and staff, for the kindness and respect that I have received in their office. Premiers’ generosity and care will never be forgotten. The management team works as a family at Premier, and I was part of that. I will never hesitate to get “Premier” care at Premier Chiropractic again. – V. Fakhoury

I was first introduced to Premier Chiropractic at Pearland’s Winter Fest. I was aware of my condition from visits with a previous Chiropractor, and I was ready to correct my problem. The first thing I noticed at Premier was the Doctors passion to help people. My health has drastically changed for the better. Premier prompted me to change my diet and exercise habits. Since these changes have been made I have tons of energy and I no longer feel sluggish. My posture has also improved. I am very grateful that I found Premier Chiropractic! – Tiffany E.

My visits to Premier Chiropractic are due to car accident I was in. during my therapy the Doctors at Premier have educated me on the nervous system and how chiropractic care is important to keep it healthy. I feel a lot better and I sleep better at night. It has also helped my immune system. I’d recommend everyone to seek Chiropractic care. – Lisa F.

Chiropractic care lessens my frequent visits to the medical doctor.  So far I have rarely seen a medical doctor.  I believe chiropractic care at Premier Chiropractic has improved my self-esteem greatly and has motivated me to lose weight and tone my muscles in my 40s.  It makes my life different in a wonderful way.  I would recommend Premier Chiropractic to everyone! – Lindi H.

I was involved in a massive car accident on Dec. 7, 2011, I was referred to Premier Chiropractic. The care I have received here has been awesome. They helped relieve my pain, get control over my asthma, and my overall health has improved 100%. I recommend Premier to everyone I talk to. The Doctors and Staff here are kind and very thorough.
-Jenny O.

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