Some people are allergic to different forms of antibiotics, especially penicillin. If treated with this they could suffer a severe negative reaction. Aspirin can also cause problems for some people due to their anatomical condition. It is very important to learn about any intolerance or allergy that you may have, as treatment with these products could do more harm than good.

Skin allergies

There can be many triggers for skin allergies. These include excessive exposure to the sun, use of cosmetic products, eczema, contact with certain types of plants and contact with nickel (this typically follows body piercings or wearing jewelry including nickel alloys).

Respiratory allergies

Often caused by pollen, this is one of the most common forms of allergy, affecting many people at certain times of the year. Allergic reactions including excessive sneezing, inability to breathe freely, itchy eyes etc. can also be caused by household mites and mold or fungi. Insect allergies. Wasps and other insects bite many of us at some time in our life. It is always painful, but some people have a much more severe reaction than others, with swelling, pain and intense itchiness. There are other allergies, more unusual as well.

Treatment for allergies is complex. Anti-histamine drugs can have annoying side effects. Perhaps the best form of treatment is to fully examine the patient’s susceptibility to different potential threats. By examining the patient’s body systems it is possible to treat allergies with totally natural products that can alleviate the symptoms, not only by avoidance of specific irritants, but also by minimizing the reaction to these outside stimulants.


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