Artificial Sweetener


We have been brainwashed by advertising into believing that by drinking diet drinks, eating diet foods and using diet sweeteners we are going to lose weight. Often, nothing could be further from the truth! Artificial sweeteners frequently cause far more problems than they could ever solve. Sweeteners such as Equal, Splenda etc. are artificially produced in laboratories. Substances such as aspartame, originally manufactured by agro-chemical giant Monsanto, are highly dangerous products that fool the body’s natural operation. They are appetite stimulators; they create a craving for foods with high carbohydrate components and cause excess fat storage resulting in weight gain in many people.

There have also been links between these artificial products and cancer. Some of them actually contain measurable quantities of arsenic, heavy metals and other powerful poisons. The FDA lists possible side effects of aspartame, this list includes memory loss, nerve cell damage, mental confusion, migraines, mental disorders, blindness, hair loss, food cravings and weight gain!! Sounds like a winner doesn’t it. It really makes you wonder how it ever was approved for human consumption in the first place!

It is a total fallacy that by using artificial sweeteners you will lose weight, and there are many other reasons for not using them as well. Many tests over the past 30+ years have shown alarming incidences of artificial sweeteners causing higher than average rates of cancer. The truth is, that regardless of the refining process, it is often safer to use sugar in fact! Recently, as our education in these areas increases and we, as consumers, become more informed and demanding, we have discovered other, natural sugar alternatives.

Plant based sweeteners such as Stevia and Agave have become extremely popular worldwide in recent years. As they are 100% natural, there are no potential dangers and we can, again, enjoy our favorite beverages safe in the knowledge that we are not poisoning our bodies with chemicals that our system does not know what to do with. These products are also safe for diabetics, which is more than be said for sugar. Please come and discuss your own personal situation with us to learn about how your body breaks down sugars, what it can do to you and how artificial sweeteners can affect you in ways you cannot imagine.


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