Auto Accident


What Kind of Exam Do I Need After an Auto Accident?

In many cases, chronic conditions that arise as a result of automobile accidents begin with minor and manageable aches and pains. While these types of pains are known to worsen over time, they may not even present until days, weeks or even months after the original injury.

Medical evaluations performed immediately after an accident, should only be considered preliminary exams to rule out immediate and life threatening injuries such as internal bleeding or damage to bone and internal soft tissues that may not be apparent due to shock. At least three follow-up exams should be scheduled over the following six months to ensure accurate reporting.

What Type of Doctor Should I See for Post-Accident Exams?

The biggest mistake that people frequently make, is scheduling post-accident exams exclusively with their primary care physician. An exam performed by a spine specialist includes observation of the entire spine. Through experience and specialized medical training, a spine specialist such as a chiropractor will perform a detailed examination to identify even the slightest of abnormalities that may develop into more serious conditions.

The qualified health professionals of Premier Medical have extensive experience identifying what many non-specialty medical doctors would be more likely to miss completely. A slight misalignment can cause severe and sometimes lifelong damage to the spine. It is even more critical that you schedule an exam if you are experiencing even the mildest discomfort in the neck, arms, legs and more obviously the back and low back. Damage to the spinal column can show symptoms in the most unlikely of places.

What Does It Mean to Put My Post-Accident Care First?

Automobile accidents can have a number of adverse consequences. We frequently see patients with chronic and degenerative conditions that resulted from untreated “minor injuries” that occurred during automobile accidents in the years prior. These types of conditions can cause severe, even debilitating pain and sometimes require surgical intervention when left untreated.

At Premier Medical we understand your time is valuable. That is why we use the latest clinically proven strategies to offer our patients both the safest and most effective, non-invasive treatments available. We are here to help you continue being the person that so many people are depending on to be at your best.

I Feel Tingling, Numbness, General Discomfort, Stiffness and Pain

Tingling, numbness, pain, general discomfort and stiffness are all indications that your spine may have suffered injury. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, that is your body letting you know that it is time to schedule an appointment immediately. Call to Schedule Your Consultation at Premier Medical Now Before It’s Too Late.


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