Back Pain


The rule of thumb is if back pain lasts for more than 3 months, it is deemed “chronic back pain.” The causes of chronic back pain on the other hand can rarely be determined without the help of chiropractor or other medical professional. Chronic back pain gets worse with time, so immediate treatment is 100% necessary if you want to prevent any further complications. Stop living in pain and call Premier Medical today for a free back pain consultation!

Whether you had a back injury that resulted in chronic back pain or you just experience chronic back pain without knowing why, there is a reason you feel this way. You may experience different symptoms such as aching and pains in your upper, middle or lower back. Additionally, you may experience symptoms of sciatica, which include pain in the lower back and legs. Nighttime back pain is also a major issue that affects your lower back and could indicate a serious problem with your spine. At Premier Medical we want to figure out why you experience chronic back pain and get to the root of the issue so that we can treat you effectively and get you back to your old self quickly.

After coming in for a free back pain consultation at Premier Medical, our trained professionals will be able to find out what type of back pain you suffer from. Once the patient knows what type of back pain that they suffer from, we are able to treat it in the most effective way. Rehabilitation exercises that stimulate the back or chiropractic care are some typical suggested treatment options.

There is no need to suffer in pain and discomfort. Before you reach for an over the counter remedy, consider what you’re going to accomplish. Choose to actually get healing for your back pain and let our team help you rediscover what it means to live your normal life! Call Premier Medical now to set up your free consultation.


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