Neck Pain


Disc injuries in the neck can come from your posture or from another injury. The long hours you may spend in front of the computer bent over can really start to take a toll and individuals can experience tingling pain and sometimes even a numbing feeling in their arms and fingers, which are signs of a neck injury. Chiropractic care is very effective in the treatment of individuals who are suffering from different types of neck disc injuries, such as cervical disc prolapse.

You might wonder what Cervical Disc Prolapse actually is. Cervical Disc Prolapse is a medical term for a slipped disc in a patient’s neck. Slipped discs is a condition that is more common in the back than in the neck and individuals ages 30-59 are more prone to this medical condition.

There are 7 vertebra, which constitute the spinal cord, and each one has discs between the bones. The 7 vertebra are termed C1 to C7 and typically a slipped disc in the neck happens between the C5 and C6 or between the C6 and C7 vertebra. In cervical disc prolapse, the discs have a tough outer covering, which tends to degenerate due to constant exertion and movement. In very serious cases, where there is acute degeneration of the outer fibrous layer of the disc, the soft nerves tend to become exposed and bulge out of the disc, which results in excruciating pain for the individual. As the disc exerts pressure on a person’s nerves, inflammation is caused, which is where the common pain results from.

In certain cases, the disc may slip towards the back and the site, which also causes serious pain in the shoulder and arm of the individual. Cervical disc prolapse and slipped discs that take place in the neck can cause numbing feelings such as pins and needles in the entire arm or pain when there is movement in the neck and shoulder.

Chiropractic treatment is often the most non-invasive form of treatment for disc injuries. It focuses on the treatment and prevention of different muscle strains, disc injuries and different musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractors provide different treatment methods for patients which include but are not limited to massages and joint adjustment procedures for pain and strains in the back and neck areas of the body. Spinal manipulation focuses on relieving pain and improving muscular disorders to facilitate movement.

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