Regenerative Therapy

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

Premier Medical Group was founded on the purpose to help as many people possible, naturally to reduce reliance upon the use of drugs or surgery. We are always looking for treatments, therapies and techniques that are natural and can improve an individuals quality of life. People often ask, why did we get into regenerative therapies? The philosophy is congruent with our approach to health. Treat individuals naturally, and regenerative therapies fit that core principle.

Healing requires an abundance of healthy cellular activity in our bodies. Adding a simple injection into your body with the idea that it will address years of degeneration and joint corrosion is overly simplistic and shortsighted. This has been the mistake of many clinicians and patients. Unfortunately we see time and time again that narrowed perspective when it comes to the patients overall health. Much like thinking that by taking a multivitamin a person can offset years of deficiencies and a poor diet. On that point, it’s important to understand that one can not simply expect regeneration in a toxic or depleted environment. For this reason alone, none of our programs are a simple injection. We look at the damaged areas as well as the entire picture of the patients health. We look at all healing through an integrative wholistic perspective. This is what sets us apart. 

We start by looking at a functional blood panel to explore your individual biological status. How can a medical professional know if you are a good candidate for therapy without knowing how you are functioning on the inside?This is a step that is unique to our program in which we use to identify the 5 roadblocks. The 5 Roadblocks are blood sugar irregularities, thyroid dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infections and systemic inflammation. We then work to provide your body with the correct nutrients, lower inflammation, balance hormones, and educate you on how to eat and manage stress. After all the definition of doctor in latin means “to teach.”

Our goal in offering a robust regenerative program is not to place hope in the idea that millions of cells are going to regrow your missing or deteriorated tissue, but instead based on the most current research we provide your body with native cushioning molecules to protect your joints, as well as an abundance of bioactive growth factors and cytokines to stimulate your own body to heal itself.

There are many forms of regenerative therapies, the most popular being stem cell therapy. It was believed early on that when you place your own stem cells in damaged tissue that they would actually transform into that tissue. The latest research shows us that these cells act as beacons that stimulate your own regenerative capacities. We’ve found that other tissues and therapies can provide your body with these signaling potentials to recruit and up-regulate your bodies own therapeutic actions without any invasive procedures. Our therapies are safe and our programs are designed to fit the individual and their unique needs. Those can include any or all of the following therapies.

Wharton’s Jelly Allograft – a rich source of cushioning molecules such as collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine which protects your joints. Within this tissue are high amounts of growth factors and cytokines which stimulate your healing mechanisms, lower inflammation and modulate your immune functions.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – PRP is processed from a patients own blood then injected into damaged tissue. Platelets function as a natural reservoir for growth factors and cytokines that stimulate tissue repair and growth.

Ozone Therapy – O3 (ozone) therapy is used in the body to induce natural cytokines for healing, disinfect tissues, stimulate microcirculation, decrease inflammation and allow muscles to relax.

Prolotherapy – Prolotherapy is a procedure where a natural irritant, normally dextrose & b12, is injected into the soft tissue in and around an injured joint. The irritant kick-starts the body’s healing response.

There are many options when it comes to regenerative therapies and many offices and clinicians to choose from. There is only one you, and the entire picture of your health affects your chances of healing. Be sure to choose a team that takes the time to look at the entirety of your health.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person due to lifestyle, healthy eating, body type and dedication to the program. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.