Shoulder Pain


Shoulder injuries are extremely common especially in athletes and sports enthusiasts. These are most commonly contracted during the strenuous activities and efforts that are required of your body during various sports. At Premier Medical our chiropractic specialists provide effective treatment methods to lessen a patient’s pain and suffering from their shoulder injury.

Shoulder injuries are contracted by professional or just your typical athlete or individual who pursues sports as a hobby. The exhausting and very strenuous practice procedures as well as the constant exertion on your body can result in an acute muscular pain in the arm and shoulder regions. In very extreme cases, your shoulder pain can spread throughout your entire arm which causes stiffness and soreness in your shoulder muscles and tingling pains all the way to your fingers.

Sports that require extensive physical effort such as baseball, football, basketball, tennis, etc. require their players to engage in different repetitive movements, which sometimes cause shoulder injuries. There are many symptoms and signs that can help with the diagnosis of your specific form of the injury. A patient who has a shoulder pain that persists for a couple of days has a high risk that they will suffer from a shoulder injury. Reoccurring episodes of shoulder pain can also be a sign of shoulder injury and inability to carry objects may highlight the extent of the damage suffered by the shoulder of an individual.

In very severe cases the shoulder injury can cause a deformity in your joint and damage the actual muscles of the shoulder, which ends up leaving the individual in extreme pain. Shoulder injuries can also include swellings around the joints or the arm regions of the body, which results in stiff muscles that are hard to move. It also includes bruises around those same joints and arm regions. In some cases, a patient may suffer from a fever and swelling, which may also have an infection, if acute damage to the muscles and joints in the shoulder region is present. Certain individuals also face a difficulty when moving their injured shoulder and can experience pain in that area throughout their day.

There are many different treatment options for shoulder pain. Shoulder injuries can require prompt and efficient medical treatment or they may need rest and anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the swelling. Various painkillers are often prescribed, which only serve to alleviate the pain temporarily and don’t last long-term. Chiropractors can provide effective treatment for shoulder sports injuries.

Upper back pain, or pain in the shoulder and neck, is not as common as lower back pains and can be treated by chiropractic care. See if one of our experts in chiropractic care can help you by calling Premier Medical today. We don’t want you to stay in pain or for your shoulder injury or pain to worsen, so give Premier Medical a call now and let us set up a treatment plan that’s right for you!


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