Regenerative Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

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You might be asking yourself the question, “What exactly is regenerative cell treatment?” Know that regenerative cell treatment involves the use of amniotic cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Aniotic cells have an extremely unique ability to mimic any cells around the space that they are exposed, so if you plant stem cells into your heart, they will become new heart cells. If you implant stem cells into your bone marrow, the stem cells will become new bone marrow cells. Amazing!

Obviously with this much variation, stem cells are an exceedingly valuable and effective tool to use in treating previously untreatable diseases and conditions. Amniotic cells are especially powerful in the non-invasive regenerative therapies that are available for joints and muscles. At Premier Medical we believe in offering our patients the most non-invasive treatment plans so that their bodies can heal in a more natural way. Why go under the knife is you can rebuild faster and stronger without any of the dangers of surgery?

Before reading any further, Premier Medical wants to put forward this disclaimer: All of our cells originate from the amniotic sac of fluid and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES come from an embryo. The extraction called amniocentesis doesn’t touch the embryo or harm it in any way. This is a non-harmful, non-controversial way to access the regenerative power of stem cells.

You may be wondering how we use stem cells at our facilities. The most common type of stem cell therapy is actually bone marrow transplant. Significant promise has been shown in regard to brain and spinal cord injury as well as treatment in curing deafness, blindness and heart conditions. Over the years stem cells have become increasingly effective at repairing injury in the joints and bones. Many patients are looking for an alternative to surgeries for their back or knee pain, which is where stem cell injections can come into place.

Amniotic cell injections can be used to reduce pain and rebuild any injured joints, muscles or bones. Injections of this sort have anti-inflammatory characteristics to accompany the natural healing and pain relief that stem cell treatment provides. These shots are similar to cortisone and steroid shots, but with one HUGE difference. Stem cell repair is almost always permanent and offers long-term relief while the other injections only offer pain reduction in the short-term.

Amniotic cell injections are extremely safe and non-invasive, which is why Premier Medical offers them to our patients on a daily basis. Regenerative cells regenerate your joints’ natural lubrication to prevent further damage and heal the areas that are in need of repair. Stop wasting away and call Premier Medical to set up your free regenerative cell consultation today.


Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person due to lifestyle, healthy eating, body type and dedication to the program. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.