Regenerative Medicine and Knee Pain Testimonials

I discovered Premier Chiropractic when I went to our craft show at my church (Sagemont).  Talking to them and deciding to come was the best thing I could have done.  I have had back hip and leg pain ever since I hurt my back in 1998.   Coming to the appointments have relieved the pain radiating down my legs and hips.  I can walk better and sleep with very little pain now.  I will continue to come to Premier Chiropractic as long as I can.    I would and have recommended several family members and friends to come see Premier Chiropractic so they can alleviate their problems.  I thank the lord every day that I stopped at Premier Chiropractics booth and talked to them. – Beverly C.

I started Chiropractic care because my husband and I went to Disney World and my ankles were hurting. I called to make an appointment as soon as I got back. I learned that during my trip I was wearing the wrong type shoes and my weight was not being distributed evenly. After a couple of visits my ankles started feeling much better, and my weight was evened out between each leg. I have become pregnant since I started treatments, and continue to come regularly. I have not had any lower back pain through my pregnancy. I recommend Premier for everyone even if you think there is nothing wrong, just to keep you in good health. – Kathleen R.

When I came to Premier Chiropractic I could not move and was in a great deal of pain. Through my initial exam and x-rays I was told my hips were out of alignment putting pressure on a lower disc. Through adjustments and regular treatment Premier has made my life great I have no more pain! I will continue to be a patient for life. I am now working on getting my husband in to be evaluated. – Dee Ann S.

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